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On this page, you will find a collection of tutorials, articles, and courses that cover all areas of wedding videography. These resources have been collected from all parts of the internet. The resources including audio, editing, business, and many more.


Wedding Videography – Getting Started

How to Become a Wedding Videographer – Neumann Films

How to Make a Wedding Video – Neumann Films

How to Shoot a Wedding Video

Planning for a Wedding Video – Rob Adams

How to Record a Wedding – Ray Roman

How to Film a Wedding Ceremony – Wedding Film School

11 Tips for an Amatuer Wedding Videographer


Wedding Videography – Tips and Tricks

Loading Picture Styles on a Canon DSLR

Magic Lantern RAW 60fps Slow Motion Tutorial – Wedding Film School

Wedding Video Techniques – Diffusing Harsh Sun Light

Wedding Video Techniques – Using ND Filters 


Wedding Videography – Audio

How to Capture Audio at Weddings – Wedding Film School

How To Setup Wireless Lavalier Microphones for the Bride and Groom

How to Set Correct Settings for Audio Recording at a Wedding

How to use the Edirol R44 Field Recorder – Adam Forgione

How To Mic A Groom For Best Audio – Adam Forgione

How to Connect to a Mixer – Ray Roman


Wedding Videography – DSLR Tips

Dynamic Range and Picture Style

Wedding Video Lenses – Stillmotion

Working With Camera Stabilizers and DSLRs – Stillmotion

Lenses for Filming a Wedding Processional – Ray Roman


Wedding Videography – Storytelling

Integrating People, Place, Plot, and Purpose into a Wedding Video 

Discovering Keywords to Guide the Rest of your Wedding Video Planning

Storyboarding out your Wedding Video

Which Wedding Video Equipment Will Help Tell the Best Story

Video Storytelling – Rob Adams


Wedding Videography – Business

How to Gain More Followers on Twitter

How to Get your Wedding Video Business Ranked to the First Page of Google

5 Mistakes Wedding Filmmakers Make When Running Their Business – Ray Roman

How to Promote your Wedding Video Business

Raising Prices for Wedding Cinematography with Ray Roman

How do Design your Wedding Video Packages


Wedding Videography – Advertising

Wedding Wire

The Knot

Little Wedding Guide

Bride’s Book


Wedding Videography – Cinematography Tips

Secrets to Staging Wedding Cinematography -Ray Roman

Wedding Cinematography Techniques – Ray Roman

10 Tips for shooting Cinematic Wedding Videos

How to Use a Slider for a Wedding Video – Wedding Film School

How to Use a Glidecam for a Wedding Video – Wedding Film School


Wedding Videography – Editing

Color Correction for Wedding Videos – Ray Roman

 Wedding Video Editing Complete Walkthrough – Wedding Film School

Using FCPX as Wedding Video Editing Software on FCPX – Rob Adams 

How to Edit a Wedding Video Tutorial – Rob Adams

Wedding Video Editing Techniques – Rob Adams


Wedding Videography – Conferences

In Focus Conference

WPPI Conference


Wedding Videography – Inspiration

Best Wedding Videography Vimeo Channel


Wedding Videography – Workshops

Crash Course in Wedding Videography – Rule Boston Camera

Wedding Videography: Start your Own Successful Business – Philip Ebiner

Capture Cinematic Weddings Workshop – Ray Roman

Make Wedding Videos from Start to Finish – DPWeddings

Creative Live Wedding Cinematography – Rob Adams

Creative Live Wedding Cinematography Crash Course – Ray Roman


Wedding Videography – Blogs

Wedding Film School
Love 24 FPS


Wedding Videography – Forums

DV Info – Wedding Event Videography Techniques Forum

Videomaker – Wedding and Event Video Forum

Video University – Wedding & Event Videography Forum

Video Forums – Wedding and Event Videography Forum

Creative Cow – Wedding Video Forum

DV Forums Wedding Videography Forum


Wedding Videography – Communities

Wedding Event Videographers Association


Wedding Videography – Facebook Groups

Wedding Videographers (Over 3,000 members)

Wedding & Event Videographers Association (Over 10,000 members)

Wedding Cinematography

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