Wedding Videography Business Tips and Tricks

People that become the best wedding filmmakers do one thing very well:

They use out of the box wedding videography tips and tricks to market their business via social media.

But you’re probably wondering–

“Isn’t posting my latest work on Facebook enough?”

No, it’s not.

Yes, your traffic explodes when a bride shares her wedding highlights film with her social network, but that shouldn’t be the only method of promoting. If you are wanting to learn how to do wedding videography, you have come to the right place. Part of running a business is knowing how to market it. Facebook has a lot of powerful features and it would be a waste if you didn’t use all their features to book more brides. In this guide, I will show you five ways of how to promote wedding cinematography business via Facebook.


Facebook Search Bar

In Facebook’s search bar, individuals typically use it to search people’s names. Facebook’s best-kept secret is that you can use the search bar for other purposes. If you type “engaged people”, Facebook will show you everybody that is engaged starting with your friends and then friends of friends. This free technique is an effective method to spread awareness of your wedding video  production company. Start messaging them and see who is looking for someone to film their wedding. This method is also good if your just starting out and looking  for a couple you can shoot their wedding video for free.

Wedding Video Tips and Tricks

Facebook Apps

Most wedding videographers engage their followers only through their fan page’s timeline. What people don’t realize is that the timeline is only one layer of a fan page. With several clicks, you can install an extra tab that shows a social feed or contains a contact form. Below are my favorite apps to promote your wedding videography company:


Instead of sending them to your channel to watch more of your wedding videos, you can add a tab that displays all of them. Add Youtube as an extra tab on your wedding video company’s fan page.

Contact Form

I like to give several options for clients to contact me- either through my website, my phone number, email, and Facebook. Page Yourself has a neat tool where you can add an extra tab displaying a contact form.

Set More Appointment App 

This app creates a new tab that allows brides to book their wedding video with you directly in the fan page. 

Live Video

22 Social allows for you to have a live Google hangout on your fan page. 


My favorite review app is the one that’s already installed into Facebook, because the star rating appears prominently on a fan page’s timeline. To turn on the Review app, go to settings, change the Facebook page category to Local Business, and then type your address in the About section.


Tag and Give Props to Other Pages


Wedding Video Tips and Tricks2


If you build relationships with photographers in your region, you are more likely to get referrals. Facebook gives an opportunity to take that first step. Your fan page can tag other fan pages in a post. Next time, boast about how awesome a particular wedding photographer is and tag them in it. They will receive a notification, and if their love tank gets filled, they will promote your wedding videography business as well.


Visual Campaign

Wedding Videography Tips and Tricks2Benefit Cosmetics launched a social campaign on Twitter posting compliments fashioned with humor. They could have just tweeted a one liner via text, but they knew that including a visual was far more impactful because:

  1. The posts made recipients pause for a moment and appreciate the compliment.
  2. It moved them to share the visual with their social network.
  3. The content and interaction prompted a boost in loyalty, respect, and perception

When a girl goes shopping for makeup and see’s benefit she will trust the brand because she remembers her friend sharing a post about it. As wedding filmmakers, we have a demographic that loves this kind of content, so why not implement a similar visual campaign to your social media. This will result in you booking more brides for your wedding videography company.


Facebook Ad Funnel

If you have ever tried using Facebook ads to promote your wedding cinematography business, you probably didn’t enjoy your experience. You paid $200 but got no leads. The reason behind this is because you didn’t include a lead magnet with your ad. On Facebook, you’ve probably noticed ads that say free ebook. You click on it, submit your email, and then the download gets sent to you.  This technique is called lead magnet marketing. An excellent program called 22 Social allows you to create a lead capture page as an extra tab on your Facebook fan page for free. As brides scroll their Facebook feed, they will come across your ad “download free wedding checklist”. After clicking, they are brought to your lead capture page, which includes an opt-in form that sends them a free download via email. Their email gets imported into your MailChimp, and the download gets delivered. In the future, they will receive free content that can help them with their wedding planning.

There you have it, five tips on how to promoting your wedding videography business. Please share this article with your colleagues and let me know in the comments if you use any other methods to market your wedding films on Facebook.

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